Asklepios Hospital Bad Abbach has a specialist hospital for orthopedics and rheumatology/clinical immunology as well as a center for orthopedic and rheumatology rehabilitation. It has a total of 210 beds and treats 7,085 patients yearly as inpatients and approximately 15,751 outpatients. Of the 350 employees, there are currently 50 doctors. As the specialist hospitals are integrated into the teaching and research activity at the University of Regensburg, the treatment is always to the level of the latest scientific knowledge. Specialties of the hospital lie in the diagnostics and in the operative and conservative treatment of patients with trauma and bone disease, degenerative and inflammatory disease of the arms and legs and the spine as well as systemic rheumatic disease. The Center for Rehabilitation offers ancillary treatment postoperatively such as rehabilitation for rheumatic disease, osteoporosis or other diseases and injuries of the locomotor apparatus. The team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists as well as psychologists work out a comprehensive individual plan for each patient.