Between Worlds 2011

In September 2011 the new third building construction phase was inaugurated. We have also used the extension to accommodate the demands for growth of the business, which has been contained in the first building for more than 12 years now. The new premises are located next to a new conference area directly at the entrance of BioPark III.

With the motto “Art and Innovation” the BioPark has already got highly interesting exhibitions up and running in the past, for example “Tulip Mania” (2001) or “Clone” (2006). With BioPark III we had our entrance areas formed by an artist and graphic designer, who solved the not so easy task during our marketing activities of linking together the historic world heritage of Regensburg with the highly innovative business biotechnology location.

Bild Fotomontage Zwischenwelten

Hans Bauer has been involved professionally for over 20 years in photography. Many of his pictures have found their way into various magazines or are present worldwide for Regensburg Tourism. They are also in photographic online forums in GEO and Stern.

Hans Bauer is the managing director of communication & marketing gmbh. The company advises and supports companies in many marketing fields. The palette of ranges from marketing conception on branding, corporate design, PR, web, video, classic communication media such as image brochures, prospectuses, catalogues, magazines and signage to trade fair stands. Since 1999 he has been a consultant to BioPark Regensburg GmbH and also designed the patented image-word trademark of the BioPark logo, is responsible for the internet website and everything related to international presence of the BioPark. Furthermore he works for BMW, IHK, Regensburg Industrial Park and Regensburg Tourism.

Hans Bauer has been involved for half of his life professionally with all aspects of photography, design, and perceptive psychology. These aspects play a role in his pictures and do not necessarily correspond to classical photographic principles and traditional modes of formal representation.

Bild Hans Bauer Hans Bauer

Movement alters reality and creates for moments a type of existence between worlds that we are barely able to perceive through a prelearnt pattern of image recognition saved in our brain. These states of existence between worlds are of interest to the artist, and so he started to experiment with lengthily exposure. Light in connection with movement alters reality. It can create new realities for moments in time. Many of these pictures also create through this mode of photography, like graphic art and painting, an expressionistic or impressionistic sense, a type of existence between worlds. In doing so he pushed the limits of photography. Colours and forms begin to dissolve and create, in connection with lengthily exposure, movement and filter technique, their own dialogue, which abstract and alter the concrete and reach into the realm of painting. This alters the image of reality and allows us, in connection with moving light, to see things in a new way. For seconds these light images are actually real and are perceived in this way, but admittedly not stored in the brain.