The BioPark in Regensburg

With subsidies from the State of Bavaria, the City of Regensburg, the Government, the European Union and equity capital the three buildings were able to be constructed directly at the university campus. BioPark I got operative in 2001, BioPark II in 2006 and BioPark III in 2011. With an average utilization level of over 90% BioPark can meanwhile be run independently despite subsidized leaseholders and is a good example of sustainable enabling policy. On an area of 18,000 m2 there are 34 companies and institutes with 616 employees and an in-house childcare facility. Currently there are 51 active companys with 3.851 employees in the BioRegio Regensburg.


Success made in Regensburg

BioPark Regensburg celebrated its 15 year anniversary in 2014. In this period over 300 million € (= 410 US $) have been invested in the development of the “life sciences” of this solely 150 million € (= 205 US $) in venture capital. 42 companies have been founded since 1999 and the number of employees has increased more than six-fold to 3369. As first BioPark company Geneart went to Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2006. It was taken over by US concern Life technologies Inc. in 2010 and by the gene technology company Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2014. Until 2016 AMGEN Research GmbH was the first research center in Europe from one of the largest Biotech companies in USA. In 2008 BioPark Regensburg was awarded “Landmark” by the Federal Initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas”. From 2007 to 2015 BioPark has been part of spokesman circle for the Council of German Bioregions which is part of the branch association BIO Germany. Since 2011 BioPark is a board member and since 2014 Vice-President of the German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centers (BVIZ). Furthermore is the BioPark since 2013 part of the spokesman circle of the Bavarian Centers for Founders and Technology (ARGE-TGZ).


Research at the University Campus in Regensburg

With its University the Technical University and its Medical Centre, the City of Regensburg possesses the youngest and most modern institutions in Bavaria where 8,000 employees and 31,000 students have significantly embossed the dynamic economic location of Regensburg. The research specialised in at the location is immunpathology and therapy, integrated functional genomics and transplantation medicine. The José Carreras Foundation has been obtained for hematological therapies using adult stem cells. The Human Tissue & Cell Research Foundation was founded on site for the development of new methods for therapy for patients with liver disease. The development of vaccines against the HIV virus (AIDS) was funded significantly by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In the field of infection biology the Medical Centre is a partner of the World Health Organization (WHO). Further research applications exsist in the neurosciences, tumour research, photodynamic therapy and gene regulation (siRNA).
The East Bavarian Institute of Technology Regensburg is just starting to bring the biology to the medical engineering by creating a study course in “Biomedical Engineering”. This program combines biological and conventional materials of  medical technology with mechanical engineering. The corresponding “Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering” has moved into its new lab spaces at BioPark in 2013. The trend to interdisciplinary approaches is enhanced by the aquired title as “Eastern Bavarian Technical University” (OTH) since 2013.


Production in the Region

A range of companies at BioRegio Regensburg have developed into international production locations for clean rooms. These include pharmaceutical companies such as Bionorica SE and Haupt Pharma Amareg GmbH and also biotechnology companies such as Syntacoll GmbH, PAN Biotech GmbH and medical technology companies such as RKT Roding Kunststoff-Technik GmbH, Raumedic AG and Gerresheimer GmbH.


Interdisciplinary Projects

Innovation and success requires constant analysis and development and this is also true for the BioPark in Regensburg. In regular location analyses the potential for development of BioRegio Regensburg has been analyzed and founded the virtual Agency IA-Biotech to realize this. The regional companies from the paper and glass industry, engineering, electronic technology, textiles and nutrition were brought together with the companies from BioRegio Regensburg. By this new technology-network the dynamic in the Cluster was able to be increased by further 13 regional companies. A further extension is the Sensor Technology cluster platform. In addition to the successful company PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH (Chemo- and Biosensors) now the cluster management of the Sensor Technology Strategic partnership is located in BioPark. In 2009 the new network optical technologies in photodynamic was founded. The goal is to implement medical applictions such as tumour dignostics or tumor control with the aid of novel optical technologies. The next network for food safety and disinfection followed in 2013. In the same year the Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering (RCBE) has moved to BioPark in 2013. Here the Technical University of Regensburg (OTH) is just starting its research for the biologization of medical engineering.


New Project on Healthcare for the Region of Regensburg

In this current project the BioPark is coordinating the expansion of the cluster activities in the healthcare field. Following a detailed location analysis, this was followed by intensive workshops on topics such as cellular therapy, oncology, digitalisation, an ageing society, skilled personnel and training, as well as location marketing and business development. In a master plan the potential of this branch of the economy is to be measured and the opportunities for the region to be defined. At present Regensburg is booming as a city for healthcare. The entire branch of the industry currently provides 15,500 people with work and generated most recently a total turnover of  1.4 billion € at the Regensburg location.