Companies Biotech

2bind GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2011, 5 employees) offers customers from pharma and biotech various biophysical analytical services. Our benefit from a strong expertise in biophysical methods, from customized milestone based projects with clear timelines and reliable cost structures.

Active Motif GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2005, 1 employees) develops and produces fluorescent dyes, nanoparticles, LED compatible fluorophores and fluorescence-conjugated molecules.

Assay.Works GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2016, 3 employees) Contract research organization, developing and executing tailor-made and scalable assays for bioactivity quantification in pharmaceutical, biotech and academic research.

BioEnergy GmbH

(founded 2007, 5 employees) does R&D in the field of fermentation.

BioGents AG

(founded in 2002, 8 employees) develops biological attractants and repellents for pest insects. Involves the research and development of monitoring systems. Molecular biological analysis.

Biometric GmbH

(founded in 1996, 13 employees) is a laboratory for microbiological and chemical analysis - dealing with the analysis of water, hygienic control and providing microbiological analyses of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics and food.

BioVariance GmbH

(founded in 2013, 19 employees) offers complex biomedical data analyzes to customers from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector as well as to the health care sector. BioVariance GmbH also develops customized software solutions for these industries.

ButSoEasy GmbH&Co.KG

(founded in 2014, 4 employees) offers services in the field of blood diagnostics. By a special kit it is possible to take the blood sample and to send it in the lab by yourself. The laboratory results can be accessed online.


(founded in 2014, 3 employees) deals with the chemo-enzymatic conversion of biomass into basic and fine chemicals.

Davids Biotechnologie GmbH

(founded in 1996, 9 employees) production of polyclonal antibodies (in both chicken egg yolk and rabbits), development of monoclonal antibodies, production and purification of antibodies from cell cultures and bioreactors. Transiente transfection of cells in cell cultures and purification of the produced proteins. Development of diagnostic methods and cell bases diagnostic methods.

Delphitest GmbH

(founded in 2004, 7 employees) works on DNA diagnostics and focuses on paternity tests and other genetic analyses for private customers.

Hyperthermics Regensburg GmbH

(founded in 2008, 2 employees) works on commercial application of hyperthermophile microorganisms, screening and culturing of all kinds of hyperthermophiles for industrial applications.

Iris Biotech GmbH

(founded in 2001, 20 employees) is specialized in reagents for peptide synthesis, polymeric carriers for drug delivery (PEGs) and products for life science research.  Products are being supplied from grams for research to multi-ton lots for commercial productions (approx. 6500 products).

Iris Biotech Laboratories GmbH

(founded in 2013 by Iris Biotech GmbH, 5 employees) is a chemical laboratory with specific know-how in synthesizing chiral compounds, hydrophilic polymers and other fine chemicals. The majority of the work is contract research, process development and custom synthesis.

Labor Friedle GmbH

(founded in 2003, 71 employees) Certified chemical-analytical laboratory for food ingredients, analytics of chemical residues, nutrient content analytic, examination of human biological matrices, microbiological examinations and examination of indoor air pollution.