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AARU Audi Accident Research Unit

With the joint goal of reducing the risk of injuries and its consequences, AUDI AG and the department of casualty surgery at the University of Regensburg have joined forces in a research project called AARU (AUDI ACCIDENT RESEARCH UNIT).

Active Motif GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2005, 1 employees) develops and produces fluorescent dyes, nanoparticles, LED compatible fluorophores and fluorescence-conjugated molecules.

aquagroup AG

(founded in 2004, 22 employees) ensures a supply of germ-free drinking water right at the location of use and offers holistic hygiene concepts.

Artract Medical UG

(in the BioPark, founded in 2018, 2 employees) is developing a fully implantable circulatory assist device for patients suffering from Heart Failure with preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF).

Assay.Works GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2016, 3 employees) Contract research organization, developing and executing tailor-made and scalable assays for bioactivity quantification in pharmaceutical, biotech and academic research.