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Davids Biotechnologie GmbH

(founded in 1996, 9 employees) production of polyclonal antibodies (in both chicken egg yolk and rabbits), development of monoclonal antibodies, production and purification of antibodies from cell cultures and bioreactors. Transiente transfection of cells in cell cultures and purification of the produced proteins. Development of diagnostic methods and cell bases diagnostic methods.

Degania Silicone Europe GmbH

(founded in 2002, 4 employees) is a leading silicone manufacturer of medical devices and components. The company has provided comprehensive OEM services and a complete range of finished and CE-marked products made of silicone.

Dehmel & Bettenhausen Patentanwälte PartmbB

is a firm of patent attorneys in the center of Munich with an office in the BioPark Regensburg providing a comprehensive, customized and expert fashion full-service to its clients, especially in the fields of intellectual property rights.

Delphitest GmbH

(founded in 2004, 7 employees) works on DNA diagnostics and focuses on paternity tests and other genetic analyses for private customers.

Delta Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH

(founded in 1994, 10 employees) works in development projects on a contracting basis for manufacturers of tables for patient positioning and technique equipment manufacturers in Germany and abroad (Medical Engeneering).