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Haupt Pharma Amareg GmbH

(founded in 2003, 358 employees) Focus on pharmaceutical contract manufacturing (GMP production, packaging of solid enzyme products, liquid and semi-solid medicines). Part of aenova group since 2014.

HTCR Stiftung, Human Tissue and Cell Research Foundation

The Human Tissue and Cell Research (HTCR) Foundation regards the use of human in vitro models as a potent medical research instrument of high clinical relevance. Therefore it ascribes the development of new and improved in vitro techniques for the research into pathophysiological connections in human tissue and the resulting diagnostic and cell-based therapeutic options to be of central importance to this process.

Hyperthermics Regensburg GmbH

(founded in 2008, 2 employees) works on commercial application of hyperthermophile microorganisms, screening and culturing of all kinds of hyperthermophiles for industrial applications.