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Inotech Kunststoff GmbH

(founded in 1986, 18 employees in medical technology). Manufacturer of technical injection moulded plastic parts, e.g. for medical technology, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Designs and creates prototypes for industry and research (3D-printing).

Institute of functional genomics

Systems biology of malignant and non-malignant diseases; Development of analytical tools for the high-throughput systematic characterization of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes and metabolomes of cells, tissues and biofluids; Structural, functional and comparative genomics

Iris Biotech GmbH

(founded in 2001, 20 employees) is specialized in reagents for peptide synthesis, polymeric carriers for drug delivery (PEGs) and products for life science research.  Products are being supplied from grams for research to multi-ton lots for commercial productions (approx. 6500 products).

Iris Biotech Laboratories GmbH

(founded in 2013 by Iris Biotech GmbH, 5 employees) is a chemical laboratory with specific know-how in synthesizing chiral compounds, hydrophilic polymers and other fine chemicals. The majority of the work is contract research, process development and custom synthesis.