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Degania Silicone Europe GmbH

(founded in 2002, 4 employees) is a leading silicone manufacturer of medical devices and components. The company has provided comprehensive OEM services and a complete range of finished and CE-marked products made of silicone.

Dehmel & Bettenhausen Patentanwälte PartmbB

is a firm of patent attorneys in the center of Munich with an office in the BioPark Regensburg providing a comprehensive, customized and expert fashion full-service to its clients, especially in the fields of intellectual property rights.

Delphitest GmbH

(founded in 2004, 7 employees) works on DNA diagnostics and focuses on paternity tests and other genetic analyses for private customers.

Delta Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH

(founded in 1994, 10 employees) works in development projects on a contracting basis for manufacturers of tables for patient positioning and technique equipment manufacturers in Germany and abroad (Medical Engeneering).

emz-Hanauer GmbH & Co. KGaA

(founded in 1948, 650 employees) develops and manufactures mechatronic systems for domestic engineering, household appliences and environmental engineering.

FIT Production GmbH

(founded in 1995, 20 employees in medical technology) is a company of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group and has specialized in additive engineering, serial production, mass customization and single part manufacturing in industries such as automotive and motorsports, aviation and aerospace, mechanical engineering and medical technology.

Fraunhofer ITEM

Currently, one in four deaths is caused by cancer – mainly as a result of metastatic disease spread. Thus, the Project Group concentrates on the development of diagnostic tests to detect disseminated cancer cells early in the disease and to predict the response to therapy of metastatic progenitor cells.


FUTUR (Forschungs- und Technologietransfer Universität Regensburg) is Regensburg University’s multidisciplinary service facility for knowledge and technology transfer. It is a link between private business and university research.

Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH

(350 employees in medical technology in Bavaria) a leading company in the business fields of tubular glass, moulded glass, life science research and plastic systems.

Haupt Pharma Amareg GmbH

(founded in 2003, 358 employees) Focus on pharmaceutical contract manufacturing (GMP production, packaging of solid enzyme products, liquid and semi-solid medicines). Part of aenova group since 2014.

HTCR Stiftung, Human Tissue and Cell Research Foundation

The Human Tissue and Cell Research (HTCR) Foundation regards the use of human in vitro models as a potent medical research instrument of high clinical relevance. Therefore it ascribes the development of new and improved in vitro techniques for the research into pathophysiological connections in human tissue and the resulting diagnostic and cell-based therapeutic options to be of central importance to this process.

Hyperthermics Regensburg GmbH

(founded in 2008, 2 employees) works on commercial application of hyperthermophile microorganisms, screening and culturing of all kinds of hyperthermophiles for industrial applications.

Inotech Kunststoff GmbH

(founded in 1986, 18 employees in medical technology). Manufacturer of technical injection moulded plastic parts, e.g. for medical technology, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Designs and creates prototypes for industry and research (3D-printing).

Institute of functional genomics

Systems biology of malignant and non-malignant diseases; Development of analytical tools for the high-throughput systematic characterization of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes and metabolomes of cells, tissues and biofluids; Structural, functional and comparative genomics

Iris Biotech GmbH

(founded in 2001, 20 employees) is specialized in reagents for peptide synthesis, polymeric carriers for drug delivery (PEGs) and products for life science research.  Products are being supplied from grams for research to multi-ton lots for commercial productions (approx. 6500 products).