15 Years BioPark – Record of success

In the last 15 years 374 teams from the field of the life sciences took part in the Businessplan Competition North Bavaria promoted by the State of Bavaria. From these teams currently 116 active companies are ar running the market; 24 are at BioPark Regensburg. All companies of the BioRegio Regensburg en masse have acquired 496 million € in the last 15 years. 116 million € in venture capital and 245 million € inequity capital. In particular the BioPark managing directors Dr. Thomas Diefenthal (full-time CEO) and Dieter Daminger(part-time CFO) received a large proportion with the acquisition of 135 million € in subsidies from the government, the State of Bavaria and the EU. 42 million € were invested in the three BioPark buildings.