Active Motif GmbH

Business Strategies

  • Development of fluorescent research tools for the Life Science Industry
  • Distribution of products by Active Motif, Sigma Aldrich, Abcam and other strategic partners
  • OEM business and Reagent supply for fluorescent products
  • Collaborations with customers in life science industry
  • Services for labelling of biomolecules and fluorescent nanoparticles

Core Technologies and Services

  • Laser and LED compatible fluorescent ChromeoTM Dyes for microscopy and plate-based assays
  • Unique ChromeoTM Pyrilium Dyes for Electrophoresis, CE, Protein Quantification or Staining applications
  • RuLabel for polarisation or time-resolved assays
  • Conjugation technology of biomolecules
  • Fluorescent nanoparticles including novel Silica Particles

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

Patents on new classes of fluorophores, hydrophilisation, labels, labelling technologies, sensitive probes, assays


Direct distribution of products or distribution by Active Motif Inc. in Carlsbad, California, USA, Sigma Aldrich, Abcam;
Distribution through OEM partner

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