BioVariance GmbH

Business Strategies

In the current state, there is a large amount of data in the health system as well as in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. These data need to be analyzed to contribute effectively to the advancement of methods in medicine, especially in personalized medicine. Only the analyses of complex biomedical data enable the development of personalized medicine.

Our aim is to improve people’s health by supporting research for a more precisely understanding of diseases and the development of more effective therapies. With our services we want to make complex biomedical data accessible and usable for our customers.

Core Technologies and Services

BioVariance GmbH offers broad bioinformatic services with a focus on analyses of complex biomedical data and software development for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. We analyze and integrate different types of data in the multi-omics area to constitute the whole biological picture. The obtained results are brought into the relevant biological and pharmacological context to come up with testable hypothesis for various issues in drug discovery and development, translational medicine and precision medicine.

Following analyses are part of our services:

  • Biomarker and Target Identification for personalized treatment and dosage
  • Indication Analyses
  • Analysis of NGS data (DNA and RNA sequences)
  • Pathway and Metabolome Analyses.

Another field of BioVariance GmbH’s activity is the development of customized software solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. This also includes the development of mobile applications especially for the personalized medicine. Our web tools collect, process and analyze different data types and enable the use of large amounts of data.

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