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Business Strategies

The company was founded in 2004, originally with the goal of optimizing drinking water, to ensure a supply of germ-free drinking water right at the locations of use. However, the outstanding relevance of water for the food industry became evident very early on. In 2006, the company was converted into a joint stock company – signifying the ever-increasing importance of the company’s product NADES for food production and drinking water decontamination. In the meantime, holistic concepts for hygiene improvement have become the most important aspect of our work.

Core Technologies and Services

Use our know-how and industry experience to your advantage. We are well prepared to help you face the daily growing challenges in all matters of hygiene. Put your confidence in aquagroup AG and the NADES innovation for all aspects of your operation’s hygienic requirements. Come and experience NADES. Our service package all about NADES for the food industry includes tailor-made solutions and customized hygiene concepts. The aquagroup service is instrumental in ensuring maximum hygiene standards. Our processes are both efficient and extremely versatile. They will make an important contribution to decreasing your overall hygiene costs – by saving time, water and energy.

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

Human toxicity safety assessment of NADES by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS (test report: 1796885-01 dated November 29, 2010): “NADES” does not present any human-toxicological health risks to the consumers of foodstuffs when used for its described purpose, i.e. the treatment of surfaces which come into contact with the foodstuffs consumed.


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