BioGents AG

Business Strategies

Biogents is a company that offers a broad range of innovative, patented and highly efficient mosquito traps. All traps were developed by Biogents scientists who have a broad background in applied entomology, especially in chemical ecology and the behaviour of insects (
In addition, Biogents offers contract research & development, tests and product evaluation for products of other companies targeting blood sucking insect. As an independent service company, Biogents e.g. screens and evaluates the efficacy of repellents, treated textiles, bed nets and similar products against mosquitoes and other pest insects.

Core Technologies and Services

Biogents has developed a unique and proprietary system for mass trapping of mosquitoes. With such a system, it is possible to control a local mosquito population.
Furthermore, Biogents has unique facilities to study the chemical ecology, sensory biology and behaviour of insects. We offer laboratory tests for a quick and efficient screening of attractive or repellent substances with a number of insect species, as well as the possibilities to perform field tests in different regions of the world.

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

We have patented attractants and traps for anthropophilic mosquitoes. These trap systems are offered to the private consumer and are also used by leading mosquito experts for the surveillance or control of vector mosquitoes (e.g. in a study sponsored with money from the World Bank, which is currently performed in Manaus, Brazil).
Biogents is part of an international and growing network of academic and commercial specialists in applied entomology and related fields and is tightly associated with Ecovec Ltd., a brazilian company that offers an innovative surveillance/ monitoring system for dengue vectors.


BioGents offers its products and services worldwide.

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