Delphitest GmbH

Business Strategies

Delphitest GmbH is dedicated to DNA analytics and other genetic technologies. The current focus is on genetic tests for private customers, mainly to clarify family relationships. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of private persons by establishing the benefits of genetic science for them. Furthermore, we offer our knowledge in DNA analytics and genetic techniques not only for laypersons but also to a broad range of professionals, especially European universities, medical institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

Core Technologies and Services

The company's core technology capitalizes on the revolutionary development of DNA analysis. DNA sequencing and DNA fragment analysis are well established technologies but require a high level of knowledge and technical equipment.
The development of STR analysis and capillary sequencers allowed to perform well-priced paternity testing at a high level of accuracy. Thus, Delphitest GmbH focussed on family relationship testing especially for private customers but also for courts, lawyers, medical doctors, youth welfare offices and embassies. We developed new techniques and tests, e.g. paternity tests and other genetic tests for dogs, sibling tests etc.

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

We are cooperating on an exclusive basis with several partners in Germany, Russia, Austria, USA, Denmark and Romania. Our partnership network is about to be extended to India and Greece.


Most of our private customers are from Germany, but the amount of customers from other European countries and other continents is increasing. In the beginning of 2010 a branch office was founded in Kufstein, Austria. Delphitest GmbH break into new markets, especially Romania, Portugal, Brazil, Denmark, Russia and India are in our focus.

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