Haupt Pharma Amareg GmbH

Business Strategies

Haupt Pharma Amareg focuses on the made-to-order production of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The plant in Regensburg boasts several years experience in the development and production of medication. The products include semi-solid and liquid forms, as well as oral pharmaceuticals containing enzymes. The special areas for the development and production of oral cytostatics, which are housed in separate buildings, are particularly worth mentioning. A production unit for the aseptic filling of infusion bottles rounds out the operations.

Core Technologies and Services

Production and primary packaging of cytostatic agents we use a "house-in-house" at our site. By fully separated modules with air supply and exhaust as well as temperature control systems of their own we guarantee the absence of both, cross-contamination and endangering man or environment. Production proceeds in closed systems, for instance integrated granulation and drying in a system of "one vessel". The production modules are permanently supplied with 100% of fresh air. Additional safety is provided by a negative pressure cascade in the production area. Overall protective suites supplied with fresh air, the second skin of our employees have been improved continuously in our company. The suites ensure a maximum of safety. Qualified and motivated employees make your product a first class quality product.

Tablets, filmcoated tablets, hard gelatine capsules, granulates and mixtures - all products are of course also packaged according to your requirements (in blisters: Alu/Alu, Alu/PP, Alu/PVC, respectively in bottles: glass, plastic).

Patents, Licenses, Co-operations

Subsidiary of Haupt Pharma AG, Berlin


Distribution capacities are available, the production site was used as distribution center until 2005.

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