hepacult GmbH

Business Strategies

hepacult has established a protected technology platform for the use of human liver cells as in vitro models and has generated a set of innovative technologies, products and services for pharmaceutical and academic research.

Core Technologies and Services

Key Technologies:

  • Cold Storage Solution – patented nutrient solution for the enhanced preservation of cell material.
  • Standardization and evaluation of the liver and other organs as human in vitro models, working with primary human cells and isolation / preservation techniques.
  • Experience and access to provide human tissue samples together with HTCR

Products & Services:

  • Human hepatocytes (available in suspension, in culture or cryopreserved)
  • Human non-parenchymal liver cells (available in suspension ,in culture or cryopreserved)
  • Tissuebank / Biobank: Cyto-components like RNA, DNA, membran vesicula, microsomes, proteins or mitochondria combinded with a database containing related, anonymous information of the donor (under strict data privacy).
  • Tissue samples, eg: intestine, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, serum, skin, stomach, thyroid, tumour tissue.
  • Hepacult is self-obliged to a stern code of conduct generated by the independent charitable non-profit trust “Stiftung Human Tissue & Cell Research” (HTCR)
  • Drug research services (ADME/Tox)
  • Internal drug research programmes: regenerative medicine / organ repair (liver regeneration); organ transplantation medicine

Patents, Licenses and Cooperations

Patent for Cold Storage Solution (CSS) applied; Outlicencing of CSS open to negotiations; Cooperations industry: 8 big pharmaceutical corporations, biopharmaceutical companies; Academic Cooperations: LMU Munich (Department of Surgergy), University Clinic of Regensburg (Center for Liver Cell Research); Clinics of Munich and Weiden; Others: HTCR foundation; Open for new partnerships

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