Hyperthermics Regensburg GmbH

Business Strategies

Hyperthermics Regensburg GmbH is a biotechnology company developing applications of hyperthermophilic organisms in renewable energy solutions and in industrial processes. In these applications hyperthermophilic microorganisms are the ”software”. In the initial phase we are focusing on developing applications together with international industrial partners. In an operational phase we will focus our research activities towards ”software development and update”.

Core Technologies and Services

The company's core technology is at the present expertise in screening and culturing of all kinds of hyperthermophiles for growth also on novel and difficult substrates.

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

The technology of the company is protected by different patents held by the parent company Hyperthermics Holding as, Norway.


Distribution will be secured through project companies developed into daughter/separate companies for alternative applications. Hyperthermics Regensburg will be the research hub for process support and development of new technologies.

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