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relyon plasma GmbH based in Regensburg, Germany, is an innovative research, development and production company in the field of plasma technology. We offer a broad spectrum of modular components for surface pretreatment such as activation and ultrafine cleaning, as well as for sterilisation, tissue stimulation and odour neutralisation in laboratories and the medical sector.which ensures high efficiency as well as new coating compounds.

Core Technologies and Services

rPulsed Atmospheric Arc Technology (PAA®-Technology)
The use of atmospheric plasmas for industrial applications has become widespread in many different sectors. relyon plasma develops nozzle-type plasma generators which are particularly compact and offer long-term stability. Through the use of a unipolar pulsed high voltage source and a vortex flow in the nozzle, the arc is prevented from stabilising at a "hot spot". 
The arc rotates at a high frequency in the combustion chamber. Despite the high power density, there is only minimal warming of the nozzle and hardly any erosion of the electrodes. The plasma temperature can be freely adjusted across a wide range.

Piezoelectric Direct Discharge Technology (PDD® Technology)
relyon plasma has developed PDD® technology specially for plasma generation which is particularly compact. PDD® (Piezoelectric Direct Discharge) is based on direct electrical discharge with a piezoelectric transformer (PT) which is operated openly. PDD devices are used in medical research for germ reduction, odour reduction and in microbiology. Typical industrial applications include surface activation for the optimisation of wetting and bonding properties in the case of plastics, e.g. in printing, coating and bonding processes.


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