ABB gomtec GmbH

Business Strategies

ABB gomtec GmbH has his roots in the aeronautics research and develops mechatronic systems for customers in a wide variety of sectors. The company has interdisciplinar know-how in fields of mechanical and electrical engineering as well as control and computer technology.  

Core Technologies and Services

Producers explore currently new ways to imrove their flexibility, dynamic and competitiveness. ABB gomtec i spart of ABB-Robotics, which is assigned to the Discrete Automation and Motion division. The company is responsible for the research and development of collaborative robots within the ABB. The technology platform of gomtec supports ABB with the development of a new generation of collaborative robots with integrated safety components, which work without common enclosures or protective grids.

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

ABB has a variety of patents in the field of collaborative automation.

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