RKT Rodinger Kunststoff Technik GmbH

Business Strategies

Strategies are mainly to develop and produce medical plastic components/devices with a high level of innovation and complexity. One important goal is to generate more value for the customer by multifunctional plastic components. Also the molding of microstructured plastic components is an important field in the future, for example in biosensors and different pharma/medical applications.

Core Technologies and Services

RKT is standing for high performance solutions in plastic medical devices. This includes engineering/development, prototooling, high precision tooling of production molds, molding of technical components with high complexity and quality standards and also assembly. In the medical field RKT is producing diabetes insulin systems, operation devices, filter housings, dental devices and also cosmetic products. The company has a high level of experience in precision molding, 2-shot and 3-shot molding, thin wall molding, inmold decoration, inline assembly, printing, welding and assembly.
High quality standards on TQM methods are performed and developed over many years. RKT is A- or AA-supplier of our global acting customers since nearly 30 years.

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

Cooperation partners are institutes, material suppliers and partner companies for painting, plating and other special technologies.


Direct shipments to our customers worldwide.

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