Ullrich GmbH

Business Strategies

Glass is our world. We are at home in the production of semi-finished goods and products for the hollow-glass industry. Knowledge of this world is essential in developing and producing products and machinery for the glass industry. Founded in 1980, Ullrich GmbH has evolved into a manufacturer of high-grade innovative semi-finished glass products, so-called gob. These products find use in press forming processes, delivering finished products meeting stringent quality and optical requirements.

Core Technologies and Services

  • Servo-hydraulic feeder
  • Large-scale blowing machines and cold end lines
  • Seam fusion technology
  • Laser crack-off for cold end-finish processing
  • Glass detection machine for automatic inspection of glass goblets
  • Patented quick change system for press stamp and ring
  • Laser crack-off and fusion unit LAVA upstream of the annealing lehr
  • Mobile, continuous furnace with daily output performance of 3 tons
  • Shears with linear drive and quick-release system for blade replacement
  • Fusion of the pressing seams on the conveyor by means of the new FLAPO technology (fire polishing)
  • Torque feeder, pending patent registration
  • New GOB production line (Semi-finished products for the automotive industry)

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

  • Ullrich GmbH has filed a patent application for the torque feeder construction that is based on two servo drive axes.
  • In cooperation with the partner Zwiesel Kristallglas AG, additional synergies in process and system development are generated.


Distribution of semi-finished glass products to business customers.

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