AARU Audi Accident Research Unit

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With the joint goal of reducing the risk of injuries and its consequences, AUDI AG and the department of casualty surgery at the University of Regensburg have joined forces in a research project called AARU (AUDI ACCIDENT RESEARCH UNIT). Investigation of accident mechanisms and accident prevention are the genuine tasks of exemplary working emergency room surgery. Injuries and their parameters are being recorded and possibilities for prevention investigated.

Basic tasks of this cooperation in research are:

  • to record real accidents with new Audis
  • to survey the medical, psychologigal and technical data of those accidents
  • to analyse and reconstruct each incident
  • to enhance the active and passive safety in road traffic

AARU is supported by the Bavarian Department of the Interior and works in close contact to the Bavarian police. Since May 1st 1999 the AARU at Regensburg receives accident reports from all over Bavaria.

Each and every day there are accidents on Bavarian roads, whose specific course of events reveals important information. Bavarian police reports each accident in which new Audis (not older than two years) are involved, by calling a hotline that was specifically set up for this project. Capturing data at the scene of an accident as quickly as possible is at the core of accident research. The AARU team in Regensburg is ready to take down data 24 hours a day. This enables them to both record a multitude of informative syndromes and to provide instructive documentary evidence for the technical analysis and the passive safety measures in cars. The commitment of the police, Audi AG and the department of casualty surgery will both lead to more safety and success in preventing road accidents and will also minimize the results of accidents.

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

University of Regensburg Medical Center; AUDI AG Ingolstadt

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