HTCR Stiftung, Human Tissue and Cell Research Foundation

Core Technologies and Services

The Human Tissue and Cell Research (HTCR) Foundation regards the use of human in vitro models as a potent medical research instrument of high clinical relevance. Therefore it ascribes the development of new and improved in vitro techniques for the research into pathophysiological connections in human tissue and the resulting diagnostic and cell-based therapeutic options to be of central importance to this process.

Furthermore this new technology could spare animal experimentation. As a compliment to state and private research funding, with use of university and external university research funding, the foundation aims to promote the use of a primary human in vitro model for research that has application potential.

The thought behind this is that human in vitro cell systems derived from discarded tissue preparations from human operations, made available by patients for research purposes, can be used directly for the purpose of promoting research.

The HTCR Foundation opens up the opportunity for many scientists for the first time to obtain human tissue from operations on a legal and ethical basis - precisely documented and archived. The Foundation assures no uncontrolled usage of samples and data, and maintenance of the rights of the tissue donors without excessive documentation leading to limitations or making research impossible.

The HTCR Foundation was brought into being in 2000 by Prof. Dr. Karl-Walter Jauch, Head of the Surgical Clinic and Policlinic of the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Grosshadern, as a non-profit public interest foundation.

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