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The “Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering” (RCBE) is an inter-faculty and inter-university research institute of the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg) and the Regensburg University (UR).
In the Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering (RCBE), biomedical expertise of the university and engineering and medical informatics expertise of the OTH are pooled, with a special emphasis on joint research and development, as well as training. The main topics of the RCBE are Medical Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering.

The RCBE performs the following tasks:

  • Promotion and coordination of interdisciplinary research in the field of Healthcare Technology, particularly in the areas of biomedical engineering and medical computer science
  • Scientific training in the field of medical technology
  • Public Relations and Marketing

Core Technologies

  • Analysis of medical data: Image processing, signal processing, data mining, pattern recognition. segmentation and registration of image data, visualization. medical statistics, epidemiology
  • Biomechanics: Experimental research, biomechanics modeling and simulation, tissue mechanics, mechano-transduction, trauma biomechanics
  • eHealth: Medical information systems, IT security, functional safety, telemedicine, medical documentation, quality management, IT-controlling, cryptography, miniaturized and non-invasive sensors, passive sensors
  • Implants: Non-active implants and protheses, minimal invasive implantation techniques, quality management and certification
  • Device technology: GUI, software engineering in medical engineering, dependable systems, medical imaging, medical sensors, multimodal displays, embedded software, mechatronic multi-axes systems

Patent, Licenses, Co-operations

A number of laboratories and research groups are gathered in the RCBE and are supported by the technical equipment and the personnel of RCBE for the initiation and realization of research tasks.
The resources of the members are shared amongst each other. The following institutions & laboratories are participating (among others):

  • Regensburg Biomedical Engineering Biomechanics
  • Medical Devices
  • Biofluidmechanik
  • ReMIC (Regensburg Medical Image Computing)
  • Sensorik-Applikationszentrum
  • Mechatronics Research Unit
  • IT-Anwenderzentrum der OTH Regensburg



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