ButSoEasy GmbH&Co.KG

Business Strategies

ButSoEasy offers an online lab service solution. From the order until the receipt of lab result the patient can manage everything with the highest security standards via smartphone app or directly on the website even without registration. All lab results can be seen any time and can be shared securely and conveniently for example with the general practitioner. ButSoEasy develops sample collection devices to perform several lab tests out of few drops of capillary blood. ButSoEasy wants to offer wide range of affordable lab tests on the most convenient and easiest way ever. ButSoEasy tests are highly recommended for screening and monitoring purposes for different kind of users, like pharma and insurance companies, screening of employees in occupational medicine as well and of course for any health-conscious people.

Core Technologies and Services

The ButSoEasy blood collection kit is a quick and easy way to collect a blood sample for laboratory analysis. ButSoEasy use dried blood spot based tests for the determination of blood analites. One of their first test is hemoglobin A1c (standardized measurement of glycated hemoglobin). The test is IFCC standardized and the device is CE marked. A1c measures your blood sugar control over an 8-12 week period. It will accurately inform you how well you have managed your diabetes over that time period. The better your glucose control, the lower your A1c value. The sample can be collected in the privacy of your home, doctor’s office, or just about anywhere and at any time. The filter paper is made for dried blood spot sampling, and it is CE certified as a sampling device. The properly collected sample material is stable for a long time on room temperature and can be transported via conventional post to the ButSoEasy lab. The test offers fast, easy blood sample collection using the safety lancet provided and requires only 2-3 drops of blood from your fingertip. The lab results are disclosed electronically and can be shared securely, so the patient can analyze them with it's doctor without any additional queuing even via phone.

Licenses, Co-operations

The laboratory is running all routine tests needed for medical service, including hematology, clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, immunology, urine testing, molecular diagnostics, routine microbiology. The lab runs more than 4 million tests per year. The laboratory is working under the surveillance of local and international notified bodies. The laboratory management and the data management system is ISO certified and regularly audited. All laboratory tests are performed with CE certified reagents and instruments. The quality management is based on internal as well as external quality control systems –according to local and EU regulations. Now ButSoEasy works with the Dept. Laboratory Medicine, Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest, Hungary.

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