BioEnergy GmbH

Business Strategies

BioEnergy GmbH does R&D in the field of fermentation to optimize the solvent evaporation potential of cellulose-, ligin- and pectin-rich plant-based raw material (f.e. straw, herbage). Aim is the achievement of stable gas production values. The deduced products and consulting services be available in terms of an integrative approach.

Core Technologies and Services

BioEnergy GmbH runs an agriKOMPAKT S facility from the agriKomp GmbH company with 200 kW which corresponds an annual output of 1.700.000 kWh. This amount of electricity is enough for around 300 households and collector is the E.ON Bayern AG. Corn (25 ha), grass silage (70 ha), cattle dung and liquid (250 animals) and pig liquid (400 pigs) is used as the substrate. The envolatilized fermentation substrate is spread as an important dung onto the 150 ha agricultural land. Thereby more than 100 tons of chemical dung can be substituted per year.

BioEnergy GmbH creates parallel the database OPTIGAS DATAHOUSE with which it is possible to transmit microbiological optimal levels in existing systems.

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