Interdisciplinary Agency BIOTECH

IA-BIOTECH is a network spanning fields of technology in East Bavaria mediating cooperation between biotechnology companies, academic working groups and companies in other established fields to promote the development of innovative products and the linking of new business fields.
Biotechnology, acting as an interface, can be applied in many fields of other branches of technology or linked with other types of technology. The concept of “interdisciplinary applications” means the linking of technologies from originally different branches of the industry and represents a significant leap in innovation.
IA-BIOTECH is the result of a study conducted by the consulting company Capgemini Consulting on potential interdisciplinary links for biotechnology in Regensburg and in the region of East Bavaria (press release 03/2007).  Should you wish to receive a copy of the info-folder on the IA-Agency in print, it would be our pleasure to send you this on request.

Reasons you should contact IA-BIOTECH

  • You work in the field of biotechnology and are looking for partners to cooperate with from other branches of the industry to realise your product ideas or applications.
  • You work in an established field (e.g. engineering, electrotechnology etc) and are looking for new innovative solutions to improve your products or processes.
  • You would like to know more about biotechnology and the opportunities and potential it provides.
  • You are seeking contact with academic working groups with specific technological competence and state-of-the-art know-how.

Goals and orientation of contents

The main goal of IA-BIOTECH is opening things up, this meaning the initiation and moderation, and interdisciplinary cooperation for the promotion of innovation and economic growth between biotechnology companies, academic institutions and enterprises in other established fields. This on the one hand deepens topics or themes that have been already worked on all the more by the integration of new participants (also inter-regional), and on the other hand identifies and works on new topics or themes that reflect the diversity of specialist fields in the regions of Regensburg and East Bavaria.


IA-BIOTECH drives the following activities:

  • care of the regional data bank
  • conducting regular focus interviews
  • conducting theme-related, interdisciplinary workshops
  • alternative events such as bilateral partnering or “Day for Innovation”
  • maintenance of initiated cooperation projects
  • collaboration with technology transfer sites of the University and Technical Institute of Regensburg


IA-BIOTECH offers the following services to interested parties:

  • Point of contact for exchange of theme-specific contacts
  • Starting up cooperation by means of theme-specific workshops and alternative events
  • Identifying and addressing new interdisciplinary themes
  • Customer care and “coaching” of participants, e.g. accompanying cooperation projects, support of applications for sponsorship, offering neutral project management 

Contact us! We are happy to receive a mail or a call and will support you in interdisciplinary projects.