BioPark Regensburg celebrates 15 year Company Jubilee

BioRegio Regensburg is growing and thriving. With the foundation of BioPark Regensburg GmbH fifteen years ago, the success story for the biotechnology field in the region of East Bavaria was initially ignited. The region consisted of 23 companies with 400 employees in 1999, today there are around 48 enterprises employing 3.369 people – a good eight times more than fifteen years ago. It has developed into the second largest competency network following Munich in the state.

Bild Gruppenfoto 15 Jahres Feier
Celebrated 15 Years of BioPark Regensburg (from left to right) : Dr. Bertram Dressel (President ADT-Bundesverband), Jürgen Huber (Mayor Stadt Regensburg), Joachim Wolbergs (Lord Mayor City of Regensburg), Emilia Müller (Bavarian State Minister), Dr. Thoma

Under the participation of the Bavarian Minister Emilia Müller the BioPark celebrated its 15 year success story in Regensburg at 11th July 2014. With a celebration this achievement was honored in front of 150 invited guests from politics, universities and industry. In his words of greeting the Lord Mayor Joachim Wolbergs, who has been from the very beginning a member of the Supervisory Board at BioPark Regensburg GmbH, looked back on the first years of the company. Although it was not one of the winners of the Bioregion Competition at that time, it was successful in bringing together the right people from the City Council, University and political realm, and with BioPark I 2001 laying down the nucleus for successful development. Also in the first phase of growth of the company, it succeeded in placing BioPark II 2006 into operation during periods of budget difficulties for all political parties.

Bild Joachim Wolbergs
Joachim Wolbergs (Lord Mayor City of Regensburg)

The guests then appeared enthused by the new image film for the BioPark, which presented an impressive cross-section of the successful leaseholders in-house. In his greeting the Vice President of the University of Regensburg Professor Bernhard Weber emphasized the many successful start-ups from the University, for example Geneart or external university Fraunhofer activities would not have been possible without the BioPark.

Bild Prof. Bernhard Weber
Prof. Bernhard Weber (Vice President University of Regensburg)
Professor Horst Domdey, cluster spokesman for biotechnology, praised the sustainability of the BioPark, which following the financial start-up via subsidies, through its rent intake alone has been able to carry itself. As a member of the start-up of the biotechnology industry organisation BIO Deutschland e.V., he praised the national engagement of Dr Diefenthal on the Spokesperson Committee of the German BioRegions Council.
Bild Prof. Horst domdey
Prof. Horst Domdey (Cluster spokesman for biotechnology in Bavaria)

The President of the Federal Association of German Innovation Technology and Start-up Centres Dr Bertram Dressel regards the dual leadership with Dieter Daminger as representative of the City in a subsidiary role and Dr Thomas Diefenthal with his experience amongst other things in the start-up of his own biotech company, as an ideal combination in management. He thanked Dr Diefenthal on this matter for his engagement as a spokesperson for the German BioParks and on the Board of Directors of the Federal Association. 

Bild Dr. Bertram Dressel
Dr. Bertram Dressel (President of the Federal Association of German Innovation Technology and Start-up Centres)

The celebratory address from the Bavarian State Government was held by the State Minister Emilia Müller, who has been able to accompany BioPark Regensburg as a politician in various functions from the very beginning. She was extremely delighted that today a definite branch for the industry has arisen in the city and the region from the delicate little plant of biotechnology.

Bild Emilia Mueller
Emilia Müller (Bavarian State Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Family and Integration )

Then the Minister together with Dr Diefenthal honoured the employees of the BioPark Team.

Bild Team Biopark Regensburg
The team of BioPark Regensburg GmbH at the timepoint of the 15 year company jubilee (f.l.t.r) together with Minister of State Emilia Müller: Christine Lang, Martin Krömer, Markus Nießl, Andrea Schindler, Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Dieter Daminger, Sina Steinl

Following this the participants received fresh off-the-press the brochure “15 Years of BioPark Regensburg” with many pictures, statements, data and facts about the anniversary.

Bild Teilnehmer 15 Jahre Feier