KiTa Playground 2012

Day Care at the BioPark inaugurates its exterior area.

In fall 2012, the day care center "bamBIOni" in the BioPark had a pleasant reason to celebrate: In October the new outdoor area was newly arranged and thereafter officially inaugurated. We thank the many donors, tenants and business partners alike, as well as the highly dedicated parents.

Bild Scheckübergabe für die neuen Außenanlagen
from left to right: Dortje Rieken, Martin Steinkirchner, Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Sylvia Meyerand Sven Engelmann at the official handing over of the cheque for the new grounds in golden October.

Since September 2011, the onsite daycare bamBIOni is in operation for two toddler groups with 12 children each, aged 0 to 3 years. Since then, the BioPark gained attractiveness for workers: The short distances of childcare facility to workplace helps the parents to save time and effort. Moreover year-round opening, only very few closing days and opening times from 7 bis 20 clock guarantuee a great deal of flexibility. So the important work-life-balance is significantly facilitated for the staff of the BioPark tenants.

The educational concept of the day care center under the management of the experienced Johanniter organiszation is convincing, too: language, motor skills, creativity education, natural and physical encounter or mathematical support are just a few of the regularly adjusted priorities. In order to stimulate the areas of "natural encounter" and "motor skills", the redesigned exterior area was inaugurated as part of a festive garden party in fall. With the help of donations and the enthusiastic work of dedicated volunteer parents, it was possible to upgrade and newly equip the grounds. The garden is now improved with various plants, tables, chairs and a parasol. In addition to a bird's nest swing, a sandpit and a climbing ability now also the vehicle fleet is expanded. This allows the children to play in and enjoy the outdoor area. A paved open space is ideal for Bobby Car driving and pushing doll´s prams. At the inauguration of the new play grounds at the garden party, the bamBIOni-children performed a musical interlude. In beautiful autumn sun they sang their self composed song "Our garden is now finished." Convince yourself with the pictures of the new adventure, play and exercise opportunities for the bamBIOnis in the outdoor area!

Bild Kinder im Aussengelände beim Mahlzeit machen
Warm and brigth weather is ideal to have lunch outside using the new tables and benches.
Bild Kinder in einer Vogelnestschaukel
Just by yourself or in company: The modern bird´s nest swing invites to swing and relax!

The children, teachers and management of the day-care center bamBIOni, the parent´s association and the parents, and the BioPark team again say thanks to all donors and wish the "bamBIOnis" lots of fun at their new playground!