Cluster Biotechnologie Cluster Alliance Bavaria Biotechnology

The BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH has been contracted in conjunction with the Management of the Cluster Biotechnology. All Bavarian biotech regions are networked in a large Bavarian BioTech Cluster.

The Bavarian Centers for Founders and Technology

The Bavarian Technology and Entrepreneurs' Centers offer an optimal environment for start-up and development for founders and young companies.

City marketing Regensburg

City marketing Regensburg enhances the attraction of the city to its inhabitants and boosts the image to foreigners. 
(German version only)

Oberpfalz Marketing e.V.

Oberpfalz Marketing e.V. represents with the claime "Da schau her" the region itself as a strong brand. The association constitutes the attractiveness from the region Oberpfalz - either for living or for working - and calls experts attention to the region. (German version only)

BioCampus Straubing

In the Straubing Center of Excellence for Regenerative Resources (BioCampus Straubing), activities in basic research, applied research, marketing and networking concerning regenerative resources are bundled. (German version only.)

Bayern Innovativ

Networking, trade fairs, R&D cooperation, EU-office

Bayern International

Bavarian society for international trade promotion.


Forum Medtech Pharma e.V.

Interdisciplinary network for medical technology and pharma.

Invest in Bavaria

Administrative department for location policy and location marketing in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology.