Business Location of Regensburg

According to prognostic studies Regensburg has been one of the most quickly growing and dynamic communities in Germany for years.

- 1st place as location with the highest dynamic nationwide (prognose "Zukunftsatlas" 2013)

- 7th place at the extensive German location ranking that includes all 412 German regions (Prognosis 2013)

- 4th place among the best real estate locations in Germany (CASH magazine 2009)

Innovative industrial enterprises such as BMW, Osram, Infineon, Continental, Siemens or GE Aviation have settled here. A significant driver of this development was and is the active community promotion of the economy. Through consistent support of new technologies, the creation of the necessary infrastructure and fast, direct routes in the administration, we have been able to create a fertile breeding ground for technology-oriented companies explained Dieter Daminger, Vice Mayor and Councilor for Economic, Financial and Research Affairs of the City of Regensburg.
In addition to e-mobility, IT security and logistics and sensory technology, the field of the life sciences has been massively supported with municipal measures. The BioRegion Competition of BMBF 1996 was the birth of the cluster initiative of BioRegion Regensburg. BioPark Regensburg GmbH was founded in 1999 as an enterprise of the City of Regensburg with the aim of establishing biotechnology as a new economic sector in this location and in the region and to offer commercial laboratories. With 1.4 billion € in turnover and a total of 15,500 employees the healthcare industry has developed into an important economic sector in the city. The six Regensburg clinics currently have 8.500 employees including 604 practicing doctors 134 dentists and 46 pharmacists on-site.