Masterplan Healthcare Regensburg

Over one hundred guests from politics, healthcare, business and science came to the presentation of the “Masterplan-Healthcare” for Regensburg and the region.

Regensburg, 29.11.2017: By which measures Regensburg and the Region could use opportunities in the future and realize potentials which exist in the field of healthcare – this was the main topic in the presentations of the “Masterplan-Healthcare” The masterplan was worked upon under the leadership of BioPark Regensburg GmbH, an enterprise of the City of Regensburg. The activities are supported by the Bavarian Ministry for Finance and Media, Energy and Technology.

A location analysis as well as interviews and workshops with many stakeholders involved in the environment of healthcare formed the basis for the content of the masterplan presented The masterplan denotes opportunities, potentials and recommendations for action for Regensburg and the Region in particular in the field of “digitalization and e-health” by linking the local strengths in healthcare provision and information technology. Further important specialties are the fields “aging society and demographic change”, “trained professionals and education” as well as “location marketing”.

In her following address, the Regensburg Mayor Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer emphasized the significance of healthcare for the future at the Regensburg location. “My thanks go out to the many active participants, so to say our regional experts. It is their valuable contributions which make it possible for us to have an overview of the potentials of the region and the initial recommendations for action how to realize these potentials”, emphasized the mayor. Further thanks went to the Bavarian Ministry of Finance for the funding of the activities.

In his following keynote lecture Dr. Tobias Gantner, Managing Director of Healthcare Futurists GmbH, highlighted the huge future potential and the current thematic trends in the field of healthcare.

Based on the experience in the Regensburg region and an analysis of the companies in the region, the masterplan sees particularly huge potentials in the field of Health-IT and digitalization in the healthcare system. A great advantage in Regensburg is its campus character with technology centers, universities and hospitals in immediate proximity. “In a comparable manner to how we present the science location with our "Science Campus Regensburg", we want to present information on activities and stakeholders at the healthcare location Regensburg with "Healthcare Regensburg" as a joint umbrella brand", stated further Dieter Daminger, Consultant for Economics, Science and Finance at the city of Regensburg

For networking and exchange of the regional stakeholders in healthcare, there are also the activities of the Gesundheitsregionplus, City and District of Regensburg, which are included in the masterplan. Since January 2017 Regensburg has been one of the health regions funded by the Bavarian Ministry for Health and Care. Melanie Nölkel, the head of the business office, gave an overview of the activities before a break for lunch.

In the afternoon three further thematic fields of the masterplan were elucidated. In his introduction to the thematic block “Digitalization and E-Health” Prof. Dr. Georgios Raptis, director of the E-Health laboratory at the OTH-Regensburg, once again highlighted the huge potential that exists in this field, which links two megatrends – digitalization and health. On the topic of “aging society and demographic change” Anton Sedlmeier, official representative for demographics at the City of Regensburg, introduced and emphasized once more the unavoidable effect of the aging population on the health care system – also in a city like Regensburg made “young” by the many students. The introduction to the topic “professionals and education” was given by Dr. Robert Seitz from the Caritas Association for the Diocese of Regensburg and underlined the lack of professionals in the field of caregiving.


The both authors of the masterplan (v.l.t.r.) Dr. Ilja Hagen (project manager) and Dr. Thomas Diefenthal (managing director)
following address of Regensburg Mayor Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer
BioPark CEO Dr. Thomas Diefenthal and Keynote speaker Dr. Tobias Gantner
Plenum Parkside Regensburg
Dr. Oliver Müller, Consultants Detecon International
lively discussion of the presentations
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