Open Day 2014

The BioPark in Regensburg celebrated its 15 years company jubilee with an open day. Over an area of 18,000 m2, approx. 2.250 guests visited the BioPark including many families. With a diverse programme those young and old were able to gain information about biotechnology. In addition to exciting laboratory tours and information stands, homemade ice-cream, health checks, films and the BIO Technikum-Truck enticed visitors in. High points were a scavenger hunt through all three buildings and a raffle of pictures made by the kids of the BioPark-KITA.

Bild AMGEN Labor
At the open day of the BioPark the company AMGEN opens its doors for the visitors.

How does a new medicine come into being? What goes on in a cell? What are technical enzymes? And how do we look for new active substances in the field of medicine? The wider population was able to find out about these and other themes on 12th July from 11am to 4pm. In three buildings on a total of 9 floors the visitors were able to get information on the state of current research and development in the field of life sciences. These include biotechnology, medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry and analytics/sensory technology.

Bild Labor mit Besuchern
Interested visitors learn at different stations under the guidance of scientists more about the companies and their activities within the BioPark.

The visitors had the chance to get an impression in the basement level taking in the real laboratory air of the central technical rooms (ventilation, cooling, water treatment, emergency independent power generator, IT security technology). This infrastructure alone makes up a good 50% of the 14.5 million € construction costs of the third construction phase. Fascinating insights into the world of cells were shown continuously in 2 theatres and the new BioPark Image movie was shown.

Bild BIOTechnikum
In the parking lot of the BioPark the visitors have the possibility to examine the equipment of a laboratory in the BIOtechnikum and experience interesting facts about biotechnology.

The mobile laboratory for the Initiative BIOTechnikum “Research Life – Shape Futures” of the Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)was stationed in the parking lot. This information campaign for research of modern biotechnology in Germany is supporting the BioPark in Regensburg for the third time with its mobile world of experience, a two level truck. The Biotechnikum conducted on the days before various practical courses and laboratory experiments in the truck for school pupils from Regensburg schools.

Bild KITA Biopark
Lord Mayor Joachim Wolbergs (left) auctioned a "self-made" painting of the KITA bamBIOni. Next to him CEO Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, CFO Dieter Daminger and head of bamBIOni Diana Kornmesser.

The framework programme offered the small researchers a lot of opportunities. There was a 10 station scavenger hunt through all three buildings and at the end a agar cultured plant from the sundew family as a surprise award was waiting for the successful researchers.

Lord Mayor Joachim Wolbergs (left), CFO Dieter Daminger und CEO Dr. Thomas Diefenthal demonstrate an "Agar-Garden".
Oberbürgermeister Joachim Wolbergs (links), CFO Dieter Daminger und CEO Dr. Thomas Diefenthal mit einem "Agargarten"
Bild Kind testet die Biowissenschaft
Science for young and old
Bild Darbietung einer "Molecular Ice Cream"
The "Molecular Ice Cream" of Amgen Research GmbH was a "HIT"