Opening Biopark II 2006

With a celebration on 23rd June 2006 the 2nd Construction Phase of BioPark Regensburg GmbH was inaugurated with State Premier Dr. Edmund Stoiber and 250 invited guests. On the following Open Day 2,500 visitors viewed both buildings and were able to form an impression through lectures, film presentations and laboratory tours.

Bild Ehrengäste
The opening celebration on 23rd June 2006 with (from left to right): Hans Schaidinger, Dr. Edmund Stoiber, Prof. Alf Zimmer, Hans Spitzner, Dieter Daminger, Dr. Thomas Diefenthal

With the BioRegio-Initiative from the former Minister for Research and Education (BMBF) Jürgen Rüttgers, the birth of BioRegio Regensburg occurred. A group linked by politics, universities, business, the City and the State of Bavaria started in 1996 with 6 biotechnology firms. With the aid of the Federal Government and the High-Tech Offensive of the State of Bavaria, in 1998 the BioPark Regensburg GmbH was founded and in 1999 the former House of the Regensburg University Fund, Dr. Vielberth was bought on the Uni Campus. After rebuilding this into a biotechnology centre, BioPark I was able to be opened (cost 13.5 million €) with 6,000 sqm on 25th May 2001.

Bild Rohbau Biopark II
The construction of the second building progresses quickly after ground-braking in April 2004. In November 2004, topping-out ceremony is celebrated. The interior finishings start already in winter.

Already in the following year of 2002 all areas were leased, so that by the beginning of 2004 the first cut made by the spade for the second construction phase with a further 6,000 sqm ensued. The new building amounting to 11.5 million € was financed by the State of Bavaria (4.5 million €), the City of Regensburg (3 million €) and the BioPark Regensburg GmbH (4 million €). On 23rd June 2006 BioPark II was officially opened with an inaugural celebration with 250 invited guests and the 10 year anniversary of BioRegio Regensburg was celebrated.

Bild Eröffnungsbanddurchtrennung
Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Hans Schaidinger, Dr. Edmund Stoiber (Bavarian State Premier), Dieter Daminger, and Hans Spitzner cut the strap to open the second building.

Bavaria's State Premier Edmund Stoiber congratulated BioPark Regensburg on its magnificent development of Biotechnology in Regensburg. "The current decision of the German Fraunhofer-Society to set up a research group in the City along the Danube supports the attractiveness of Regensburg as an innovative technology location" stated Stoiber. According to Lord Mayor Hans Schaidinger, by opening the second building the BioPark has the best prerequisites for further expansion. Looking back over the last 10 years the BioRegio Regensburg, with 22 companies founded with only 4 insolvencies, 100 million € of acquired funding in the area of Life Sciences and currently 6 teams in the Businessplan Competition North Bavaria, has positioned itself in the "Top Ten" in Germany.

Bild Rundgang der Ehrengäste
The honorary guests take a tour in the recently finished second building and are informed about new developments while talking to several leaseholders. At the time of the opening ceremony in June 2006, BioPark II is already completely occupied.

The Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) Thomas Rachel designated the State of Bavaria as holding 1st place for the number of biotech companies per federal state. BioRegio Regensburg has become meanwhile the second largest biotechnology region in Bavaria following Munich with over 40 firms and 1,300 employees. Numerous young firms in BioPark and the University have applied successfully with many research projects to the National Competition BMBF for means for promotion. As a result the Rector of the University of Regensburg Prof. Dr. Alf Zimmer is offering the BioPark of the University the chance to link basic research with application and application-oriented research.

Bild Rundgang der Ehrengäste
With a celebration in the new rooms, BioPark II is officially opened. 250 invited guests listen to the festive day orations. A feastful dinner and music create an extravagant atmosphere.

The Managing Director Dr. Thomas Diefenthal announced with pleasure that already all laboratory facilities in both buildings have been leased until 2007. He warned of the need for negotiation for further space from 2008.

Bild Team Biopark Regensburg
Team of BioPark Regensburg GmbH at the Open Door Day 24th June 2006 (f.l.t.r.): Herbert Beutl, Thomas Benen, Bärbel Messer, Dieter Daminger, Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Gabriele Mirbeth, Ulrika Eriksson, Reinhold Albert, Martin Krömer, Johann Meier

On the following Open Day approximately 2,500 visitors viewed both buildings. In company lectures, a film about the BioPark and on tours through the laboratories, visitors were able to be informed extensively about the research and development specialties of the highly innovative companies such as Amgen Research GmbH, Antisense Pharma GmbH, Geneart AG, Profos AG and Wilden AG.

Bild AMGEN Infostand
In company presentations, guided tours through the laboratories and lectures, the visitors were able to get insight into development and research at BioPark.

At an exhibition on the theme Art and Biotechnology, the Bank Sparkasse Regensburg presented work from 9 regional artists with the most innovative applications. The artist Susanne Gatzka won the competition with the theme "Laboratory People or The 'Pure' Human Being".

Bild Übergabe der Siegerprämie
Dr. Rudolf Gingeler hands over the prize for the art competition "Laboratory People or the 'Pure' human being" to the artist Susanne Gatzka. The competition is organised by the artist Jürgen Huber (3rd f.l.) from Regensburg and Dr. Thomas Diefenthal

Following this 120 enthusiastic leaseholders followed World Cup Soccer Germany vs. Sweden live on screen in the lecture theatre before the festivities were ended with a BioPark party for all leaseholders.

Bild Musikband
The BioPark party for all leaseholders was the happy ending of the festivitites.

The team of BioPark/Real I.S. and Gewerbeplan was thus successful in finalizing a project for a second time.

Bild Team Biopark Regensburg
The team BioPark/Real I.S. und Gewerbeplan (from the left to the right): Robert Seiler, Rolf Schröder, Robert Schuderer, Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Gabriele Mirbeth