Opening BioPark III 2011

The third construction phase of the BioPark in Regensburg has been officially opened. There are now a total of 18,000 m2 available with high quality laboratory space for companies and founders in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and interdisciplinary industries directly on the grounds of the University of Regensburg.

Bild Eingang Eröffnungsfeier Biopark Regensburg
The opening celebration on 23rd September 2011 with (from left to right): Hans Schaidinger, Dr. Bernard Heitzer, Martin Zeil, Dieter Daminger, Dr. Thomas Diefenthal

The third construction phase of BioPark Regensburg GmbH was opened with an official ceremony. In front of 150 invited guests Lord Mayor Hans Schaidinger described the successful development of the BioPark from the Foundation Centre to the Technology Centre on the Uni-Campus. Following BioPark I (opening 2001) and BioPark II (opening 2006), the third construction phase was necessary to be able to accommodate the growing space requirements of the founders, companies and those locating to the BioPark. Even at the inauguration 60% of the space in the new building had been leased. Biotechnology has meanwhile become a successful part of the industrial sector in Regensburg. BioRegio Regensburg has developed into an interdisciplinary technology network in East Bavaria.

Bild Festakt Biopark Regensburg
Hans Schaidinger, Martin Zeil and Dr. Thomas Diefenthal during the opening talks in the Atrium of the newly opened third BioPark.

In his greeting State Secretary of the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology Dr. Bernard Heitzer explained the significance of funding by the BMWi. Without the Economic Recovery Plan II in this finance and business crisis, economic recovery in Germany would have been significantly slower. Thanks to confirmation of finance from this support programme, development in fully booked  BioPark Regensburg is able to continue.
In his keynote speech the Acting State Premier and the Bavarian Minister of State for Finance, Transport and Technology, Martin Zeil praised the involvement of the State on the project. Two thirds of the construction costs of 14.5 million € come from the Economic Recovery Plan. The remainder is divided equally between the European Union (EFRE), the State of Bavaria and the City of Regensburg. Zeil sees the money well invested in the technology location of Regensburg. BioRegio Regensburg with 44 companies and 2,600 employees has become the second largest location following Munich. The BioPark with 18,000 m2 is the second largest centre in the State following Martinsried. In his closing words Managing Director Dr. Thomas Diefenthal thanked all of those involved for their cooperation in the two-year construction period despite a very tight schedule. Together with the previous speakers he unveiled two plaques in the entrance hall of the new location which will indicate in the future the finance institutions. 

Bild Leuchttafeln mit Förderern
f.l.t.r. Martin Zeil, Dr. Bernard Heitzer, Hans Schaidinger, Dieter Daminger and Dr. Thomas Diefenthal in front of the unveiled placque in the entrance hall.