Eröffnung KiTa 2011

Ceremonial Opening of New Childcare Facility in BioPark

The childcare facility “bamBIOni” was officially inaugurated at BioPark Regensburg. It is the 40th Johanniter children’s education institution in the Regional Association of Upper Palatinate and an important extension of the infrastructure in the three BioPark buildings, paving the way to improve conditions to pursue a career and bring up a family.

Bild Logo bamBIOni

A third construction phase was needed before one of the companies could fulfil their long desire, but now it has come so far – the new crèche has been officially inaugurated by mayor Joachim Wolbergs in the new building BioPark III. Children from the age 0-3 can be cared for daily from 7am to 5pm. The crèche offers place for two groups of twelve children. In the run-up the employees at the BioPark were able to suggest names and a jury awarded the name “bamBIOni” as the winner with “ZwerGENland” in second place and “Bio-Fankerl” in third place. In his address Johanniter Regional Board Member Martin Steinkirchner expressed his pleasure in having launched the 40th children’s education institution. In Upper Palatinate the Johanniter operate two nurseries, seven kindergartens, six crèches, nine day-nursery and day-care centres. Additionally the Johanniter are a cooperation partner to ten free and bound all-day schools, offer child care services over the lunch period to three primary schools, youth welfare work to a general secondary school and guidance to two schools.

Bild Bastelstunde
CEO Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Mayor Joachim Wolbergs and the Authorized Signatory of the Administration Management Gabriele Mirbeth by first handicrafts in the new childcare facility.
Bild Übergabe Kinderkunstwerke
Silvia Meyer and Johanniter Regional Board Member Martin Steinkirchner present the first art paintings of bamBIOni-Kids to Dr. Thomas Diefenthal and Gabriele Mirbeth from BioPark Regensburg.

The institution is funded by the City of Regensburg and BioPark Regensburg GmbH. Mayor Wolbergs, also a member of the Advisory Board at BioPark Regensburg GmbH, sees this as money well invested. Particularly in the very rapidly developing life sciences, it is important to promote ways to improve conditions to pursue a career and bring up a family, so to retain qualified specialised personnel at the BioPark and to keep the location attractive to the best minds in future competition. The new facility manager Dortje Rieken sees the best possible individual advancement of the children as one of the key tasks of “bamBIOni”. This includes linguistic and cognitive challenges, creativity and encounters with nature. The creche is, like all other Johanniter children’s education institutions, TÜV certified, is open year round, except at weekends and public holidays.