Assay.Works is doubling its molecular library (05/2017)

(No. 186) Assay.Works is expanding its active substance library to 150,000 low molecular weight compounds in its cooperation with the Scottish company BioAscent Discovery Ltd (BioAscent).

Assay.Works is a contract research organization (CRO) and offers its expertise in test development and optimization of active substances being developed into medicines. Assay.Works uses its highly technical infrastructure in quantitative biology and high-throughput screening (HTS) to do this. The processes are so automated that millions of different samples can be tested. What determines its success in researching active substances is building up and expanding its own active substance library. This has now been able to be expanded through cooperation with the company BioAscent Discovery Ltd (BioAscent) from 74,000 to 150,000 low molecular weight compounds (small molecules). By having a larger quantity of high quality molecules, the probability of finding suitable active substances as candidates is increased. And this drives the development of medicines. BioAscent has many years of experience dealing with active substance libraries to a level of quality present in the pharmaceutical industry.
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