BioBalance – Work & Life @ BioPark (01/2018)

(No. 194) With this motto the BioPark in Regensburg is commencing together with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) its Company Health Management at the location. In one of the first workshops together the stakeholders at the companies and institutes at the BioPark as well as the employees at Head Office and at the TK are developing an action plan for implementation.
BioPark Regensburg GmbH, an enterprise of the City of Regensburg, has just recently presented the Healthcare Masterplan (see BioPark PR No. 191, Nov 2017). The Masterplan names opportunities, potentials and recommendations for action for Regensburg and the Region in this field. “We would like to not only demonstrate the huge potential for the future and the current thematic trends such as digitalization in the field of healthcare, but also start with the good example shown by the employees at the BioPark itself”, explained BioPark Managing Director Dr. Thomas Diefenthal. Here the BioPark has sealed a framework contract with its long-term partner and leaseholder in the health field, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). “In the following years we want to build up a Company Health Management (BGM) system specifically for the BioPark and its leaseholders directly on site”, added Michael Reinhold, Director of Customer Service for Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate.
“The challenge at the BioPark is, to satisfy the special needs of the very diverse leaseholders”, commented Evelyn Emberger, Private and Corporate Client Consultant at theTK and BGM Project Director. At the BioPark the start-ups and one person companies are just as much at home as US large-sized companies with over 250 employees. In addition to this are the fast growing young companies with 50-100 employees, as well as research institutes. In keeping with this the first workshop was a good mixture and required an expert to moderate it. Alexander Mederer, shareholder and partner of Motio GmbH & Co. KG, dealing in matters of health management since 1983, explained the preferences of the BGM, for example with regard to the personal and organizational development of the company, as well as the numerous additions to job security or promotion of health in the work place. Also the BGM is gaining    increasing significance with respect to acquisition and retaining employees and addressing the lack of specialized workforce. The BGM working group at the BioPark has therefore given the project the name “BioBalance–Work&Life@BioPark” and will now have regular meetings.
The first measures, such as training and continuing education opportunities offered, will commence shortly and may be used by all the companies in the Bioregion free of charge. Participation and active collaboration in the working group is possible at any time for the companies in the Bioregion Regensburg. Those interested can register with the project director at
f.l.t.r: Alexander Mederer (Motio), Evelyn Emberger (TK), Friederike Stratmann (TK), Dr. Thomas Diefenthal (BioPark), Klaus Klutzny (TK), Michael Reinhold (TK), Dr. Daniela Obermaier (PreSens), Dr. Harald Guldan (Lophius Biosciences), Dr. Monika Lichtenauer (Numares), Karen Tschech (Audi Accident Research Unit), Gabriele Mirbeth (BioPark), Dr. Georg Vogl (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Petra Lutz (BioPark), Dr. Ilja Hagen (BioPark), Ulrike Schnell (Assay.Works), Floxie van der Sterren (Numares) 
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