First Edition of Regensburg Startup Guide (09/2017)

(No. 190) BioPark Regensburg GmbH, an enterprise of the city of Regensburg, has published its first startup guide. It offers orientation and an overview of the various offers in the startup scene in Regensburg. In total 18 partner organizations have participated and offered proactive support for startups in the cathedral city.  

The Regensburg Startup Guide first and foremost offers an overview of the various offers in the startup scene in the city. In Regensburg there are numerous opportunities to put innovative ideas into practice. Firstly all supporters, funders and networks for startups have been summarized in a startup guide. “In the first edition of 6,000 copies and 18 participating partners, there is now no question that a startup could have which couldn’t be answered by a supporter in this guide “,BioPark CEO Dr. Thomas Diefenthal is pleased to say. He can still well remember the time when the startup scene began in Regensburg, when reports on experience were lectured about in spontaneously organized meetings in pubs. Experienced experts were hand-picked, were passed on mainly by word-of-mouth and often had to be looked for in Munich. Since then a lot has happened and Regensburg has become a booming city for startups.
On 106 pages the guide offers an overview and the most important points of contact and networks around the topic of startups. Included here are the networks and clusters from both startup and technology centers in the City of Regensburg, BioPark and TechBase. The advice is basically free, as they see this support as a part of economic promotion of the Regensburg location. Many other partners in this brochure also offer a free first consultation.
From the BioPark networks: these include BioRegio Regensburg, BioPark 8 Brain Network and the new project Healthcare Regensburg. From the TechBase-networks: these include the IT-Security & Safety Cluster, Energieagentur Regensburg e.V., Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e.V. and the new project Digital Startup Initiatives Upper Palatinate. From the tertiary institutions there are Futur, the research and technology transfer site of the University and the Start-Up Center at the OTH-Regensburg. Further contributions are derived from the Office for Economic Development of the City of Regensburg and company startup consultancy from the Regional Council Regensburg. Also the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Regensburg for Upper Palatinate - Kehlheim and for the Skilled Trades Association Lower Bavaria – Upper Palatinate are represented with their contributions. The guide is complemented by the Degginger (creative industries), the Hans Lindner Foundation and the Barmherzige Brüder Hospital. The guide can be ordered free of charge at p.lutz(at) or by phone on 0941 920460 and is also available as a download.
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