Health fund TK supports Start-Ups in Healthcare (05/2017)

(No. 188) At their new premises at BioPark Regensburg the health fund Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) offers startups a point of contact for various questions on the primary health care market. Furthermore TK promotes innovative products and ideas for the healthcare sector of the future with the Health-i-Initiative.
The health fund Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is with almost 10 million members the largest German statutory health insurance provider. Since its foundation in 1884 to health care reform in 1996 it has been the health care insurance provider for technical professions and thereby kept pace with the times for innovation and new technology. On this note in 1996 TK was one of the first statutory health insurance providers to go onto the internet. At the Regensburg location the TK was early in finding its way onto the uni-campus and rented an office in BioPark I. Recently it moved into its new premises in BioPark III. In addition to its guidance of the students and employees on campus, close collaboration with the BioPark in matters of health in various projects is a further goal of TK Customer Service at the BioPark.
With its own "TK Start-Up-Portal" on its homepage, TK specifically supports start-ups in many respects. On the one hand it is a point of contact for innovative ideas and product development for the primary health care market. "It is precisely here that health startups often do not have the right point of contact regarding the question on what the health insurance provider pays for and what is does not", explained  BioPark CEO Dr Thomas Diefenthal. On the other hand TK is also an important point of contact for venturing into self-employment. In doing so the the startups not only have to insure themselves but also have to take the first steps with respect to social security as employers. TK has also already been a  partner in the Regional Startup Weekend Regensburg 2015 at BioPark Regensburg.
This however in no way exhausts the collaboration between TK and the BioPark. With the current project "Healthcare Regensburg" preparation is underway for common Operational Health Management at the BioPark with TK. "Not only do we want to further promote healthcare at the Regensburg location, but also support workplace health promotion of the employees at the companies and institutes at the BioPark", explained Dr. Diefenthal on the planned projects.
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