Initial Results on Location Analysis Health Sector in Regensburg (12/2015)

(No. 162) The initial results of the location analysis on the health sector were presented by the consulting company Capgemini Consulting at the BioPark. They show a series of opportunities for the region. 

Which potential does exist in the field of health care for Regensburg and the Region? To shine some light on this the City of Regensburg via the BioPark Regensburg GmbH contracted an analysis of the location. In the context of this, the location analysis Capgemini Consulting conducted interviews with both representatives of clinics and hospitals as well as representatives of local doctors, universities, healthcare insurance companies, rehabilitation and care facilities, representatives from the political arena and administration as well as from other health regions and clusters. The investigations were expanded on by research on current trends and future developments in the field of the health care sector. The results were presented at an event on 11th December in the BioPark Regensburg premises.

BioPark Regensburg and the BioRegion Regensburg have been exhibiting an impressive development. Starting with core competency in biotechnology (1999-2001), the scope was expanded into the "life sciences" around medical technology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and analytics (2002-2006). This was followed by the involvement of companies from other branches such as the metal, textile, plastics and glass industries, which interact interdisciplinary with the life sciences (2006-2011). As a further consequence the BioPark has been increasingly networking since 2012 with companies from the health sector and has already settled start-ups and companies in the BioPark.

"We see a very clear overlapping trend for further linking up of the biotech and medtech industries with the health sector in this location", said Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Managing Director of BioPark Regensburg GmbH at the opening of the event. In his welcoming address the Lord Major and Chairman of the Advisory Board Joachim Wolbergs emphasized that the health sector has meanwhile become the largest economic sector in Germany. "With an above average growth rate of 3.5 % per year, and a 280 billion € turnover according to estimates from 2014, this corresponds to 11.1 % of the German gross value creation", cited Wolbergs from the study. Dieter Daminger, consultant for economy, science and finance for the City of Regensburg and member of the management board at the BioPark added that with a sum of around 360 billion € for 2014 almost 20% of the total consumption in Germany is attributable to health commodities. Additionally, 6.2 million people, that is every seventh employed person, work in this branch of the industry. The figures impressively demonstrate the significance of the health care sector in Germany.  

In the following presentation, Dr. Oliver Müller - Head of Healthcare at Capgemini Consulting demonstrated the strengths and future opportunities for the region in this field. The University Hospital and the University´s Faculty of Medicine are outstanding and the provision of care is excellent due to the exemplary networking of the hospitals in the region. Nuclei for future key assets of clinics and universities are already located at the BioPark, e.g. the Regensburg Center for Interventional Immunology (RCI), the Fraunhofer working group (ITEM), the Tumorcenter Regensburg or the Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering (RCBE). The most promising themes and condensation points for Regensburg are the "Ageing Society" (represented by the Barmherzige Brüder Center for Geriatrics), "Cell Therapy" (with the RCI of the University Hospital), the "linking of medical technology, IT and e-health" (with the RCBE of the OTH) and “Oncology” (with the Tumorcenter of the University and the Fraunhofer working group at BioPark).

The study recommends the BioPark examine to what extent an "Innovation Center Healthcare" would be possible as a new incubator on the campus. It further recommends taking appropriate measures at the location regarding the shortage of skilled professionals, in particular in the nursing sector. The City of Regensburg has commissioned the BioPark to examine the results of the 150 page studies together with the policy makers of the region with respect to putting the recommendations into action. From this feasibility analysis a "Masterplan Health Economy for the Region Regensburg" will be compiled, from which initial joint projects for further development should emerge in 2016.

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