Press Releases

Current BioPark Annual Report 2016

(No. 182) The current development of the life science companies in BioRegion Regensburg demonstrates a stable number of companies and employees in East Bavaria. The new business figures presented by BioPark Regensburg GmbH for 2016 are for the Cluster in East Bavaria with 50 companies and 3,872 employees.

Fifth Workshop on Health Care Sector

(No. 181) In the fifth workshop of the event series for developing a „Health Care Sector Masterplan“ for the region of Regensburg, the content cornerstones for the topics „Location Marketing & Economic Development“ have now been set. In the beginning of 2017 another workshop with the topic of “Innovation & Company Founding” will follow.

Efficient Combat of Multi-Resistant Bacteria

(No. 180) The Biotech Company Lisando GmbH, settled in BioPark Regensburg, is concentrating on the development of effective lytic proteins. Their active substances known by the name of Artilysins® could represent a revolutionary breakthrough in the combat against multiresistant bacteria, including also the most recently discovered so-called "super bug" with the resistance gene mcr-1.

Fourth Workshop on Health Care Sector

(No. 179) The highly relevant topics “Skilled Professionals & Training“ were in the center of attention during the fourth event in the workshop series at BioPark Regensburg. Among other important aspects, the challenging shortage of skilled workforce – especially in the field of nursing – has to be tackled.

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch Partner in Global Vaccination Project

(No. 178) The company Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH located in the BioRegion Regensburg is part of a project being promoted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the securing of the preservation of necessary vaccinations in stockpiling. For this purpose the company has sealed a cooperation agreement with Gihon Laboratories in the Province of von Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Sensors for Industry & Research: "Made in Regensburg"

(No. 177) The PreSens Company located in the BioPark develops, produces and markets successful sensor systems for worldwide application in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, the food and drinks industry as well as for scientific applications for tertiary institutions.

Only a few places left at Startup Weekend Regensburg

(No. 176) For the second time already the Startup Weekend of both the Startup and Technology Centers BioPark and TechBase in Regensburg is taking place. On the weekend from 18th to 20th November your new ideas and products can be developed into a business model in 54 hours.

"Biotechnology live" at BioPark Regensburg

(No. 175) At the beginning of November the BMBF-Initiative "BIOTechnikum" is coming twice to Regensburg. On the 6.11 the double-decker research truck will be a guest at the City Subsidiaries in the BioPark for the occasion of Open Day. On 8 and 9.11 school pupils from Albertus-Magnus Grammar School can experiment in the laboratory on wheels.

Third Workshop on Health Care Sector

(No. 174) The „Aging Society“ and its challenges have been in the focus of the third workshop in the course of the event series for developing a “Health Care Sector Masterplan” for the region of Regensburg.

New Project Manager completes BioPark-Team

(No. 173) At BioPark Regensburg Dr. Ilja Hagen has been supporting the new project for healthcare since 1st October. Dr. Hagen was previously Project Manager at Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. in Nuremberg and there amongst other activities was responsible for the Bavarian Cluster Medical  Technology.