Press Releases

Event with Bavarian State Minister Aigner at BioPark Regensburg

(Nr. 159) For the occasion of the series of events "Economy Talks in the Region. Forming Bavaria’s Future" Bavarian State Minister Ilse Aigner invited 150 guests from the region to a dialogue at BioPark Regensburg. To begin with she visited the company Lophius Biosciences in-house.

New BioPark Homepage goes online

(Nr. 158) Lord Mayor Joachim Wolbergs activated the new homepage at the BioPark in Regensburg. This makes a state-of-the-art completely bilingual website available to the Cluster BioRegion Regensburg for location marketing.

BIOPARK8 Brain Network starts in BioRegion Regensburg

(Nr. 158) With a new expert network the BioPark is promoting start-ups, companies and the public in the matter of the life sciences in Regensburg. Eight Regensburg personalities with enterpreneurial expertise are available as coach and consultant.

Start of Location Analysis of Healthcare Industry Regensburg

(Nr. 157) At a press conference the Lord Mayor Joachim Wolbergs at BioPark Regensburg gave the go-ahead for a detailed location analysis on the theme of the healthcare industry. On this basis competencies, focal points and potential concepts for the region are to be worked out.

4 Years of Day Care Center bamBIOni at BioPark Regensburg

(Nr. 156) Exactly four years ago KITA bamBIOni was opened as the 40th children’s facility of St John’s Regional Association in Upper Palatinate. Since then 66 children have been cared for here. bamBIOni offers important support combining job and family at the BioPark. The institution is promoted by BioPark Regensburg GmbH.

An Innovation Prize from the BioRegions goes to Regensburg

(Nr. 155) The Council of BioRegions awarded one of three prizes at Innovation Prize 2015 to researchers at the University Hospital in Regensburg. Prof. Dr. Matthias Mack’s team was awarded for its application-oriented work in autoimmune diseases.

Current Financial Report 2014 for BioRegion Regensburg

(Nr. 154) The current development of the life science companies in the BioRegion Regensburg demonstrates a stable course in the number of companies and an increase in the number of employees. The new business figures presented here by BioPark Regensburg GmbH for 2014 are for the cluster in East Bavaria with 48 companies and 3,683 employees.

Using anti-infectious medical products for MRSA

(Nr. 153) The company rent a scientist located in Regensburg has successfully entered a flagship contract from the Bavarian Ministry of Finance in medical technology. Through the development of so-called functional surfaces an important step forward has been made in the fight against bacteria in hospitals.

10 years Council of German BioRegions

(Nr. 153) The German Council of BioRegions (AK-BioRegio) is beginning its 10 year anniversary. The BioPark has been a part of this since its foundation. Since 2007 the CEO Dr. Thomas Diefenthal has been one of three spokespersons of the AK-BioRegio in Berlin.

Regensburg BIOTECH Innovation Prize 2014

(Nr. 152) This year’s BIOTECH Innovation Prize, sponsored by BioPark Regensburg GmbH and the Patent and Attorney Chambers Dehmel & Bettenhausen, located in the BioPark, was awarded to Dr Daniel Schweizer on the occasion of Dies academicus at the University.