Regensburg – at the head of the Danube

BioPark Regensburg GmbH is the management and administrative headquarters of the biotechnology research cluster known as BioRegio Regensburg in East Bavaria. Located strategically at the northernmost point of the Danube in the Austrian-Czech-German triangle the area is regarded as the gateway to the East of the extended European Union. Currently 51 firms with nearly 3900 employees are active in the field of life sciences in BioRegio Regensburg. As a result it has developed into the most important region for Biotechnology in Bavaria next to Munich.

Welcome to Regensburg

City of Regensburg which is more than 2000 years old is located at the northernmost point of the Danube about an hour's drive from both Munich and Nuremberg. With almost 164,000 inhabitans, Regensburg has become the center of Eastern Bavarian conurbation with 2.5 million inhabitants which in past years has experienced a remarkable economic and technological upswing. And with the fall of the Iron Curtain of the earlier Western European border it has made its way back into the center of Europe.

Bild Regensburger Dom
Regensburger Dom

The document which mentions the founding of the city large fragments of a stone inscription from the Roman camp is the oldest in Germany. The old part of Regensburg is now under an order of preservation and the ensemble of 1,400 monuments which it encompasses doesn’t just include churches. The “stone bridge” (Stei­nerne Brücke), one of the main items on the list, is Regensburg’s “eighth wonder of the world”; the order also protects the “Gothic Old City Hall” (Altes Rathaus), various patrician palaces and the “princely castle of Thurn & Taxis” (Fürstliches Schloss).

The whole old part of the city is a stage. In the warm part of the year, the narrow streets and squares are full of people. The mild nights are diffused with a magnanimous air of savoir-vivre. Live and let live! This is the place to idle, strolling past – or relax at Regensburg’s cafés, coffee houses, espresso bars, restaurants and pubs, depending on your personal preference and the weather.

Every year about half a million people spend one night or more in our beautiful city while over one and a half million people actually visit and enjoy Regensburg.