Science Night 2015

On 26th April 2013, the third Science Night was organized in Regensburg. The BioPark Regensburg also took part to present itself as an innovative center of biotechnology. It opened its doors to the interested public.

To get in the mood for the Science Night 2015 the Bavarian Contest of the FameLab Germany took place in  the "Alte Mälzerei" at the 25th March.
Similar to the PoetrySlam, young scientists should present a research project from the MINT fields within three minutes in an entertaining manner. In Regensburg the FameLab2015 is organised from the Stadtmarketing Regensburg, supported by the Continental Regensburg, the Sparkasse Regensburg, the BioPark GmbH as well as the OTH Regensburg and the University of Regensburg.
BioPark was a supporter and Dr. Diefenthal juror at the FameLab, where young scientists present their business concept.

The city of Regensburg, its universities and a great number of its innovative companies presented themselves during the event. Almost 10,000 visitors have used the opportunity to have a look behind the scences of the local enterprises. There were activities for all ages: guided tours, talks, discussions, children acitivites and many more activities had been arranged and could be visited, covering the entire city area. Schools and universities also presented themselves during the successful event. Therefore, many visitors could be enthused to science and technique and their practical impact.
Amongst the many companies, the BioPark Regensburg presented itself as "successful innovation center at the Danube" for biotechnology: with more than 36 tenants with 550 employees in the most modern office and lab spaces, it is located on the campus of the University of Regensburg. In close proximity to the faculties of natural sciences, new therapies against cancer are developed, new drugs and diagnostic techniques are tested, or synthetic genes for immunization are produced. Biotechnology is offering the technical basis for one of the key technologies of the 21st century.

In 2015, the BioPark Regensburg GmbH acted als host and the companies Amgen and Thermo Fischer invited the visitors into their labs. Three groups, 50 persons each, were informed on the work of the two enterprises. Each of the three rounds, starting at 6pm, 7:30 pm and 9 pm, was completely booked out.

The participants were welcomced by staff of the BioPark Regensburg GmbH. An introduction with video presentation in the lecture hall of BioPark I was followed by a guided tour through the laboratories.

For the majority of the visitors, this was the first time ever to have a look into a biological/biotechnological laboratory.  Therefore, there was high interest in the guided tour through the lab spaces of Life Technologies. Nevertheless, the information on research on cancer treatment methods by Antisense Pharma was as inspiring to the participants as the tour. Once again, many thanks to both companies for offering the possibilty to the public to make such a fascinating experience!

In the labory of geneart everything revolved around bacteria, the little helpers of the genetic engineers.