Night.creates.knowledge. 2017

For the fourth time on 28 April 2017 a long night of sciences took place. BioPark Regensburg also opened its doors again as an innovative biotechnology location for the interested general public.

More than 10,000 visitors were out and about on 28 April from Regensburg and the surrounding area to discover the Regensburg research landscape. So this year’s NIGHT.CREATES.KNOWLEDGE. was once again hugely successful. With the motto “Experience Innovation” universities and companies opened their doors and afforded insights into their daily work. With guided tours, lectures, discussions, programmes for children and much more, there was something offered for all age groups.

Alongside many other companies the BioPark also presented Regensburg as a  “Successful Innovation Center on the Danube” for biotechnology. In the “Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering” (RCBE) in approximately one-hour guided tours the research findings from various projects focusing on medical informatics and biomedical engineering were presented. A glimpse was able to be caught of the central technical facilities of the ventilation units, refrigeration systems, water treatment and laboratory sewage disposal for our laboratories, during a technical guided tour led by the BioPark management building services team.

At the company Presens at various hands-on areas the measurement of oxygen with the aid of light was able to be understood and experienced. To go full throttle the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) offered an interactive reaction wall (T-Wall) where reflex capacity and accuracy were tested and practised with a lot of fun. For sustenance this was followed up with delicious healthy smoothies to try out and replicate. Body fat analysis with individual consultations was met with huge interest. Also the company Lophius BioSciences offered the visitors insights into its own laboratories and explained descriptively what diagnostic tests can achieve in so-called immune monitoring e. g. for the detection of virus reactivation and autoimmune disease.


left to right: Martin Krömer, Ilja Hagen, Katja Brandl, Markus Niesl

The visitors of all age categories were enthused by the varied selection at the the BioPark and the guided tours were already booked out in advance. Late in the evening Mayor Gertrud Malta-Schwarzfischer visited the BioPark and appeared very impressed by the guided tours.

Also this year special thanks to the companies and their co-workers who have made it possible to give the visitors these fascinating and informative insights!