Selected Location 2008

BioPark Regensburg GmbH is “Selected Location in the Land of Ideas” and thereby part of the row of events “365 Locations in the Land of Ideas 2008”. BioPark was successful in the competition and shows that the future is being made in Regensburg.

Bild Übergabe der Urkunde  zum "Ausgewählten Ort im Land der Ideen 2008"
Handing over the certificate for "Selected Location in the Land of Ideas in 2008" on 5th of May, 2008 with (f.l.t.r.) Prof. Alf Zimmer, Dr. Thomas Diefenthal, Dieter Daminger, Joachim Wolbers and Hans-Jürgen Gerlach

“Germany – the Land of Ideas” is a shared location initiative of the German Government and Economy. The goal is to emphasise the strengths of economic location with the motto “Germany leads through innovation”. The project “365 Locations in the Land of Ideas” was first announced in 2006. Every day one of the winners of the competition could present their ideas to the public.

Bild Hans Jürgen Gerlach
Hans-Jürgen Gerlach from Deutsche Bank AG, the main sponsor of the initiative "365 Locations in the Land of Ideas", congratulates the BioPark Regensburg on the successful application in the competition.

The jury of 17 chose BioPark Regensburg GmbH in the third competitive tendering for 2008 from 1,500 applicants. The jury honoured the innovative approach of the City of Regensburg in the field of “Life Sciences”. Through constant economic promotion and creation of the necessary infra-structure, the ideas from tertiary institutions could be transformed into innovative companies and products in Regensburg.

Bild Urkunde zum "Ausgewählten Ort im Land der Ideen".
Flowers in black-red-gold are the distinctive mark of the initiative. Hans-Jürgen Gerlach (Deutsche Bank AG) and Dr. Thomas Diefenthal (Managing Director BioPark Regensburg GmbH) show the certificate on "Selected Location in the Land of Ideas".

Initially through the Foundation and Biotechnology Centre with 12,000 sqm and successful cluster management, most of the founders of the BioRegio Regensburg were able to accelerate and are today successful companies in Regensburg. The BioPark has distinguished itself in the field of public relations work with comprehensive events such as Art and Biotechnology, Open Day, and Adult Education both for school and university students. On 22nd May 2008 the BioPark Regensburg was the event holder of the location in the Land of Ideas.