Tours / Lectures at the BioPark

In the course of our public relations work and as a company of the City of Regensburg we are actively participating in dialogue on the topic of biotechnology on site. We are offering general lectures on topics centred around biotechnology, the BioPark and its companies.

The standard lecture (120 min) takes place in the lecture theatre BioPark I (max. 70 participants). Following an introduction into general biotechnology, its application potential in today’s world is demonstrated using examples in practice particularly in the field of medicine. A film presentation also allows a view into the laboratories and our companies’ work. After that there is sufficient time for questions and discussions e.g. on the topic of bioethics.

We ask for understanding that laboratory tours in house are only possible as an exception and under certain conditions for reasons of security. We would like to refer to regularly occurring events such as “Open Day” or “Night creates science”, in which our companies regularly participate and offer insight into their laboratories.

Naturally our lectures are free of charge and can be modified according to requirements. Documents on the BioPark and biotechnology can also be provided free of charge on site. As a general experience school classes from year 11 onwards concentrating on biology should take part. The tour is also suitable for adult education facilities, company excursions and international delegations and is also available in English.

The tours and lectures are a free service provided by BioPark Regensburg GmbH. There are no legal entitlements. Appointments can be requested depending upon availability of the rooms and speakers via phone 0941 920460.