Research at the University Location of Regensburg

Apart from the domain of life sciences Regensburg has plenty to offer in matters of research. There are two tertiary institutions settled here. In addition to the University of Regensburg and its University Medical Center there is also the Technical University of East Bavaria. In total there are 31,000 students in Regensburg and at the tertiary institutions approximately 8,500 employees in research teaching and administration. The excellent research in this location is promoted by special areas of research graduate colleges of the German Research Society and also the Bavarian networks BayGene und BayImmuNet. Some lectureships at University Medical Center are practically linked into the regional hospitals and the preclinical medicine is placed at the natural sciences faculty. The University of Regensburg with its course of study “Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences” is involved in the Elite Network Bavaria. At the University for Applied Sciences interdisciplinary applications are pursued in the field of new materials in close collaboration with the clinics - for example in the new engineering degree “biomedical engineering” for medical applications.